Labor law

Labor Law is the set of legal rules governing the relationship between employees and employers, are the rights resulting from the legal condition of workers.

  • Indemnity action for bullying, sexual harassment and various types of harassment;
  • Internship contracts of the most diverse, analysis, claims and defenses, where it is verified whether it is really an internship contract or employment relationship;
  • Labor Defenses;
  • Drivers, transporters, truck drivers, van, school driver, households, technicians of fixed or mobile operators, self-employed service providers;
  • Person who works under the regime of self-employed professional, service provider and who was a CLT and has become a self-employed or provider;
  • People under the cooperative work regime, especially hospital work;
  • “Autonomous” security providers, including involving Military Police, Metropolitan Guard, Civil Police among others;
  • Labor claims in general;
  • Labor resources in all instances;
  • Workers in seventh and eighth hour financial institutions, commissions, service salesperson accumulation.