Who we are

Lawyers in Barueri

We have excellent work infrastructure, we are even equipped with modern technologies for reading electronic judicial publications in all states of Brazil, our performance covers all instances of the Labor Judiciary, including the Superior Labor Court (TST), the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) and the Federal Supreme Court (STF), through electronic petitioning (E-DOC). In addition to subscribing to various electronic journals, enabling quick and agile responses to problems that arise.

We stand out in the work in litigation, specializing in monitoring and controlling large volumes of lawsuits, serving clients in various locations and jurisdictions of the country..

With a view to meeting these institutional objectives with excellence, we have correspondents in almost all the capitals and in several other important municipalities of the country, which enables the business community with branches in various states, secure centralization of services provided, ensuring quality of attorney services. in all its regions of operation, without increasing costs with hiring professionals in the various squares.

Focusing on this paradigm breaking Corporate Law, it is proposed to serve clients individually and interactively. In order to fulfill this purpose, we go to the company’s headquarters to know problems “in loco”, and offer, in a preventive way, solutions to the problems detected immediately. In addition, we seek to establish partnership, commitment and solidarity with clients by providing contentious and consultative advice on a broad basis.

Mini Curriculum Dr. Carlos Fernandes

Carlos Fernandes S. I. Advocacy.
A. Carlos Fernandes – President.
President of the Somos Advogados Brasil Association.
Chairman of the Rights and Prerogatives Commission of the 181 Subsection of the OAB / SP.
Vice President of OAB / SP Osasco from 2012 to 2015.
Coordinator of the OAB / SP Rights and Prerogatives Commission.

Our main objective is the satisfaction of our clients’ rights, through all available legal means, with responsibility, ethics and confidentiality in the professional activity, dedicating ourselves fully to the profession.

Committed to transparency and reliability in professional relationships, we keep our clients updated on the progress of legal and administrative proceedings and other work entrusted to our care.

Our mission is to perform law with a high standard of efficiency and commitment, always respecting the professional ethics of the lawyer.